EA Mobile's Spore Origins has finally gone live on the App Store for iPhone and iPod Touch, a couple of days later than the publisher expected, but still in time to capitalise on the hubbub of the PC game's launch last Friday.

The iPhone version costs £5.99, and like the mobile and iPod versions, focuses on the cell section of the game, with you controlling and evolving a little beastie to survive the primordial ooze.

The differences to those other versions? iPhone Spore Origins is fully motion-controlled, so you tilt and twist to move your Spore. Meanwhile, the Creature Editor uses touchscreen controls, which in theory should be quite fun.

One nifty touch is that you can skin your creature using pictures from your iPhone's photo album. Meanwhile, the game promises 30 levels to work through, and two modes - Evolution and Survival.

There's no mention on the App Store listing of any connected features though. We were hoping for the same online battles as the mobile version, so it remains to be seen if that's just been missed out of the product listing, or missed out of the game altogether.

Spore Origins costs £5.99 for iPhone and iPod Touch, and you can buy it by clicking on the Buy It button below.

Weirdly, the product listing claims it was released on 5 September, meaning that anyone scanning the App Store list by release date will miss it. Strange.

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