As any regular visitor to Pocket Gamer will know, we believe that mobile games are brilliant. Sure, we love some more than others, but in general we're in absolutely no doubt that the quality and choice available has made massive leaps in the last few years and continues to improve every passing week.

Where once we had a fairly limited choice and a lot of lacklustre licensed tie-ins, today the mobile gamer can choose from hundreds of games covering just about every conceivable genre. From brain-training and casual puzzlers to lush 3D racers or complex sport sims, there really is something for everyone.

Yet despite this amazing choice, the high quality, and the comparatively low cost of these games, we're realistic enough to realise that not everyone in the world shares our passion (just yet). In fact, only between five to 20 per cent of mobile owners actually play games.

Suffice to say we're 100 per cent committed to any initiative that can help to spread the word and grow these numbers, which should explain why we're so excited about the launch this week of 100% Mobile, a brand new way to make the most of mobile games for UK O2 customers.

Not only does the new 100% Mobile portal focus on delivering the very best mobile games titles, but it also provides a whole host of different ways to buy them. So, as well as the standard system of paying a one-off fee (usually up to �5), O2 mobile gamers can now also choose to play games on a pay-per-play basis, paying a far lower rate each time you play. You can also rent the game for a day, or extend this to a longer subscription.

Best of all, you'll also be able to get a sample of the games without paying a penny, using the 'try before you buy' option to download a limited trial version of the game for free!

And that's not all. Alongside these new payment methods, you'll be able to read expert game reviews and select from a Top 10 games list recommended by Europe's leading mobile games site. (Yes, that's us.)

There's a regular weekly feature rounding up the best games in a particular genre or theme (starting with 100% Brain Training this week) and you can indulge in the various competitions, pricing promotions and special game categories that are a core part of 100%'s remit. The site changes daily, so it's always worth a look.

You can expect to hear a lot more about 100% Mobile in the coming months. Indeed, we'll be providing weekly updates, but if you're an O2 customer we'd suggest that you stop reading for a minute and check it out right now! You can either find it with links from the O2 games portal or simply text: TRYGAMES to 2020 for an SMS with a direct link.

Want to read some more? Okay, well you could pop over to our handy how to get started guide, but here's a quick reminder of the different ways you can get your gaming kicks from 100% Mobile.

Four ways to get 100% from your mobile gaming

100% Mobile isn't only about delivering the best games. The service also offers a whole host of new ways to get hold of them.

You don't have to pay a one-off charge for your mobile gaming thrills. 100% mobile has plenty of ways for you to enjoy the entertainment on your own terms.

!00% mobile try before you buy Try Before You Buy: Not sure if the game's really what you're after? Then download a completely free demo version to test it out first.

Discover this now on the O2 UK 100% Mobile portal or check out our handy 'How to' guide to try b4u buy on 100% Mobile.

100% Mobile Pay per play Pay Per Play: Remember those arcade machines at the seaside? This is just the same principle. Rather than stumping up the whole price up front, you just pay a small fee for each time you play a game.

Discover this now on the O2 UK 100% Mobile portal now or check out our handy 'How to' guide to pay per play on 100% Mobile.

100% Mobile Games Rental

Rental: Faced with a long train journey and think you'll be able to finish the game in a day? Why not simply rent the title for 24 hours?

Discover this now on the O2 UK 100% Mobile portal now or check out our handy 'How to' guide showing you how to rent games on 100% Mobile.

100% Mobile Games Subsription

Subscription: The perfect option for people who want to change games every couple of days, the subscription model allows you to pay for the days you want the game. You can cancel at any time.

Discover this now on the O2 UK 100% Mobile portal now or check out our handy 'How to' guide to subscription on 100% Mobile.

Note: 100% Mobile is currently only available to O2 customers in the UK. Hopefully we'll see more of it soon!