Having got all excited earlier this week about the possible JoyPod iPhone gaming add-on from Belkin, it seems we spoke too soon.

Belkin has confirmed to Touch Arcade that the JoyPod isn't hitting the shelves any time soon. Or, indeed, ever.

"We have no plans to release such a product," PR manager Melody Chalaban tells the site, while describing reports to the contrary as "simply a false rumour".

Ah well then. It's interesting that the news of an iPhone gaming controller caused so much of a stir online though: Belkin might not be making one, but you can bet the fuss around the mooted JoyPod means several rivals will be.

The jury's still out on whether such an accessory is viable, though. iPhone games by definition are coded to support touch and tilt controls, but not a D-pad and four buttons.

So how any control pad maps those traditional gaming buttons onto iPhone games is anyone's guess. It'll be interesting finding out though!