We reported last month on Gameloft's plans to release a Chuck Norris mobile game, but now we've got more info and screenshots on Chuck Norris: Bring On The Pain.

Based on the US action hero (kids, you can find out all you need to know about him here), the game will see you dispensing "denim-clad justice" in an old-skool beat-'em-up.

You'll get to use various weapons, unleash combos, and ride a motorcycle, car and helicopter along the way. Naturally, karate moves feature heavily too.

Meanwhile, the game's bosses include Fidel Castro and Kim Jong-il, highlighting its tongue-in-cheek nature.

Better still, the listing on Gameloft's US site promises you'll be able to take photos of your friends with your phone's camera and turn them into enemies for the game itself.

Hopefully that feature will make it to the UK. We can't wait to play the game in any case.