You could argue this game is the equivalent of a marketing campaign for an FPS called Shoot 'em All in the Head (Doom would perhaps work too), but for those of us who have been 8 years old boys at some point, this is the ultimate version of Harry Hill's 'Fight' joke - although we all know the Triceratops would stick it to a Tyrannosaurus three painful ways right in the guts.

But this isn't reality. Or even what the Natural History Museum tells us is pre-reality. This is gaming a-reality developed by some chaps in Quebec. So you get to choose your dinosaur from one of 26 types - ravenous predator to the witty scavenger apparently - and then fight your way through nine maps, with each victory enabling you to customise your dino in ways that would have Charles Darwin, or your particular progenitor of evolutionary survival, spinning in their subterranean post-genetic phase of irrelevance.

Apparently you'll be able to add the 'thorns, feathers and bones that will make yours the strongest, fastest or toughest dinosaur' (which is wrong in so many ways beyond even the grammatical).

But hey-ho. It's a game not a biology exam, right?

In which case, we're happy to let you know the combat system is touchscreen-based and will enable you to launch different moves - including beat-'em-up-style finishes - based on various gestures. And like Soul Calibur, you'll also be able to use destructible objects in the environment to your advantage, while post-battle you'll have to perform some loving care by giving your dinosaur food and water to ensure his/her/its wounds are healed.

There will also be an eight-player multiplayer Tournament mode while a quick combat mode will let two players grind their dinos into dust via a head-to-head battle.

So prepare for the 'mysteries, wilderness and variety of the world of dinosaurs'. Battle of Giants: Dinosaurs is due out some time around November (BC of course).