The next Deal or No Deal mobile game will let you play as The Banker.

We thought we'd just drop that one on you. EA Mobile gave us first details of its plans for its newly-acquired (in the UK) franchise, and it's pretty exciting.

So, there's a special Banker mode where you get to toy with contestants as they progress through the game.

EA Mobile says the game will also be more about the experience of being a Deal or No Deal contestant. So you won't always be picking the boxes – sometimes you'll be one of the people opening them.

"You'll be giving advice to the AI contestant who's picking, and they'll ask you questions like whether they should take the deal or not, or whether you're box is a lucky one," explains EA's Debi Coster.

Of course, you'll also be able to compete for the moolah yourself, as you'd expect.

EA Mobile's version is due out in November, and those new features are a sensible strategy, given that the existing version of the game – a straight reconstruction of picking the boxes – has sold like the clappers.

If fans are to shell out a second time, the chance to play as the Banker could be a big incentive.

We're hoping to get hands on with the game soon, but EA Mobile is certainly talking it up. "We've had really good reactions internally, with people laughing because we're getting some personality in there," EA's Chris Gibbs told us.

"I take my hat off to the team: they didn't go for the easy win. They've added some really cool things."