It came out in Japan last December and hit US DSs on July 22nd. Now, Square Enix has revealed that Europe - always the last horse across the finishing line - will be getting to play Final Fantasy IV on September 5th.

The game is a remake of the original 1991 Super NES game, but with updated 3D graphics, fully-voiced cut-scenes, a remixed musical score and other 'never-seen-before' content. Its then-innovative Active Time Battle system has been revamped and, of course, the game has been made compatible with the DS and its controls and touchscreen.

John Yamamoto, Square's president and chief executive officer says (modestly): "Final Fantasy IV is one of the most significant titles in the history of the Final Fantasy franchise. It has been remarkably enhanced for the Nintendo DS, making it a great opportunity for our fans to experience its deep story and ground-breaking battle system in an exciting and innovative new way."

How can that fail to sell it to you? Look out for our review next month.