Information on Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars for DS has been a bit lacking since the game was announced at E3, but details have sprung up in an unlikely place. Online blog UGO has somehow got hold of a list of survey questions, which - while not naming the game they refer to - don't leave too much to the imagination. The site has since taken down the information, but it's been reprinted in full over at Destructoid.

The survey asks participants to grade how interesting they would find game features such as: an open, real-world environment with changing weather and traffic patterns and smart police and pedestrian AI.

It also details a 'mature storyline' featuring a young gang member navigating the criminal underworld of a major city. Length of gameplay in this 'mystery game' will be approximately 20+ hours, with 70 replayable missions and also stylus-based mini-games for things like assembling a sniper rifle, completing an assassination mission and hot-wiring cars.

Ad-hoc multiplayer is mentioned in which players can play head-to-head in four different game modes, including a race, or play co-operatively.

Whether any of this information is accurate remains to be seen. Frankly, a survey that asks gamers how they'd feel about some pretty obvious gameplay features - an open world and 70 missions for example - seems kind of unlikely. And a hot-wiring mini-game a little bit of an obvious inclusion to a DS GTA game.

I'll obviously take all of this back should a press release emerge in the coming weeks confirming all this as true. As yet Rockstar has said nothing, so until they do unfortunately all of this information is purely rumour of the most un-concrete kind.