During the autopsy that followed this year's E3 expo, no organ was deemed more bilious than the one labelled 'Nintendo'. Aside from the astounding revelation that a GTA game is planned for DS, everything Nintendo exhibited was annoyingly casual, and if the blogosphere is anything to go by hardcore gamers have started to lose their patience.

Shigeru Miyamoto immediately attempted damage control by making it known that teams are working on games from the Zelda and Mario franchises, but his frantic trill wasn't enough to soothe the savage beast.

Maybe this will be. According to Edge-Online, superstar analyst Michael Pachter of Wedbush Morgan has told investors that, while "hardcore gamers were critical of Nintendo's failure to announce new Mario and Zelda games at the show […] we think that Nintendo focused upon building upon its formidable lead with the mass market, and do not consider the lack of major hardcore game announcements to be an abandonment of its core."

So you can put money on having some hardcore games to play on your DS next year. Somebody certainly will be.