Remember the Dreamcast? Of course you do. It's was a Sega console which somehow managed to flop despite being first to do online gaming and being more powerful than the subsequently-released PS2. Sega was so sad about its failure that it stopped making games consoles. Probably if you mention its name at Sega's HQ, there are still people working there who will react by wailing uncontrollably.

Anyway, the Dreamcast lives on in the hearts of many. Not least in the heart of one clever programmer who has created a Dreamcast emulator for PSP.

Its author drkIIRaziel has even managed to get it running Shenmue (you can watch a video of it in action over at Joystiq). However, there seem to be a few teething troubles - namely that Shenmue currently runs at about one frame per second. Oh, and the game's loading times stand at around 20-30 minutes.

Still, just how cool is the emulator in theory, at least? We can only hope drkIIRaziel is working into the night trying to improve on the current version because a fully working Dreamcast emulator is probably the neatest bit of homebrew we've heard of for quite a while...