You might think that with all those bags of freebies being handed out at E3, the natural balance of the cosmos was unsettled, leaving far less online costless gaming cheer for this week's Friday Freebie. And you'd be right, although not about E3 (it's not what it used to be). This week, we haven't so much scraped the bottom of the barrel as we have chewed clean through it, sustaining all sorts of horrible splinter injuries in our gums in the process.

It was worth it, though, as lurking down there beyond the point at which any reasonable person would have stopped looking was a couple of freebie gems.

The first of which is a website dedicated entirely to all things Advance Wars, called Black Hole HQ. On it you'll find strategy guides for playing the game and more importantly, a download of the entire soundtrack for the DS version of the game.

Clocking in at 1h 25 mins, it's a pretty chunky offering, though we'd wager that you'd have to really be into Advance Wars to listen to it more than once. At any rate it's definitely one of the more robust DS freebies we have had on here in a while.

Moving on, the PSP pays a visit back to its old friend LOAD, the popular PSP formatted digital magazine. This month's issue (number 13) is predictably themed on a certain caped crusader, not that there's anything wrong with that.

There are also plenty of music reviews for bands such as CSS, Black Kids and The Shys. Of course, the jewel in the crown is the extensive coverage of The Dark Knight, including a review of the film and some accompanying articles chronicling the influence that Bruce Wayne's alter ego has had on popular culture.

Speaking of The Dark Knight, mobile gamers ought to get themselves down to our Demos section as we've a brand spanking new mobile demo of the official mobile game of the film just waiting to be played. What's more, the game hasn't even been released yet so if you're lamenting the difficulty in finding a cinema showing The Dark Knight that still has free seats on a Friday night, this exclusive should help to tide you over.

Lastly, we have another iPhone game recommendation to make. Top of the free games list just now is Labyrinth Lite Edition, a maze themed puzzler with some very tightly integrated tilt sensitive controls. Costing nothing and weighing in at a positively feather-like 0.6MB, iPhone users simply have no excuses for not downloading this.

And that, dear fellow freeloaders, is yer lot for now. Do click 'Track It!' to be sure not to miss next week's fresh spoils, won't you?