To be honest, the Transformers film was mostly a pile of rust cleverly disguised as a CGI extravaganza, so we were glad to hear Glu is returning to the classic originator of the franchise with the mobile game follow-up.

For those who, for some bizarre reason, don't still collect the Transformers toys as they rapidly descend into their mid-30s, it's probably worth mentioning that 'G1' stands for Generation 1; the cartoon us geeks consider to be the progenitor of the franchise.

"Transformers has a vast consumer base worldwide, and we saw great enthusiasm and reception with the launch of our Transformers game last year," said Jill Braff, senior veep at Glu, in her best Optimus Prime voice.

"With Transformers G1: Awakening, we've incorporated classic elements true to the original franchise while creating an innovative and enthralling mobile strategy game that will appeal to Transformers fans new and old."

Nostalgia junkies are a hard audience to please (since we presume to know more about the source material than anyone else), so there's a lot of tension riding on the quality of this G1 adaptation. We took a first look at Transformers G1: Awakening a couple of weeks ago, which suitably piqued our interest as we tentatively approach the game's worldwide September release date.

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