Rising Star Games is set to expand on its impressive back catalogue of RPG titles next year with the DS release of Avalon Code.

From the development team who brought us the Final Fantasy III and IV conversions for the DS, and the creative minds behind Rune Factory and Harvest Moon comes a new and apparently unique action RPG. Focused on a deep and engrossing story, Avalon Code allows players to modify the rules of engagement, weapon attributes and enemy abilities using the main character's 'Book of Prophecy'.

Alongside the promise of innovative gameplay mechanics, Rising Star informs us that you'll be able to influence Avalon Code's central storyline during play, though much of that control initially appears to be based purely on the chosen character's gender. But, with women representing almost half the world's DS users, it's no bad thing for Avalon Code to acknowledge the mixed-gender demographic and adjust the game's experience accordingly.

Tentatively pegged for a Spring release next year, keep a stylus poised for Avalon Code by hitting the 'Track It!' button