It's kind of unfair how Chuck Norris has become something of a kitsch celebrity character, as he's undeniably excelled in almost every one of his endeavours. There aren't many action stars who can add a fight scene with Bruce Lee to their CVs, and he's aged gracefully with a high kick and a clean smile.

Okay, so maybe his brief venture into the fashion industry, with a range of jeans that included a manufacturing adjustment in the crotchal region to allow for high-fashion high-kicking was a mistake, but otherwise he's an all American hero.

And he's about to prove it in a new license with mobile game publisher, Gameloft. Chuck Norris: Bring on the Pain is a little different to most licenses, as it intends to feature Chuck himself, rather than one of his on-screen personas.

For the avoidance of doubt, Gameloft has supplied the following three reasons why Chuck decided to feature in his own pocket game, and why it'll kick some serious ass:

1. Chuck Norris decided to make a mobile game so he can hit the bad guys with so many lefts, that they beg for a right.

2. Chuck Norris fights evil on all screens. Movie screens, television screens and now the screen of your mobile phone.

3. When it comes to making video games, fighting bad guys puts Chuck in a good mood.

That all sounds perfectly reasonable to us. It also highlights the game's latent sense of humour, and Chuck promises it'll lean at a rakishly jaunty angle toward the tongue-in-cheek humour of the cult website,

Slated for an August release in the US, only the burliest of men should 'Track It!' now to keep abreast of Chuck's coverage on Pocket Gamer.