Back at the end of last year, we told you about a newly announced service – DSVision – which was coming to DS in Japan. The fee-based service is being provided by company AM3 and uses a microSD card for users of the service to download media to.

Now DSVision has finally launched in Japan (a little later than its originally planned March 2008 release date) and DS owners there are able to download books, manga and anime episodes direct to their DS.

The basic DSVision package costs around the equivalent of £20 in Japan, and provides a 512MB microSD card, a DSVision card adaptor and USB reader/writer. Using the package, users can view content and download it via PC from the official website, then transfer it to microSD card to watch on a DS.

Initially, AM3 promised around 300 pieces of media content would be available at launch, however some sources are reporting that only 30 actually turned up. However, new content is being added on an hourly basis, which should soon notch up the choice. This content is being offered at a price point of between 50p and £5 and AM3 is hoping it will have drawn in around two-million customers by the end of its first year.

Naturally, there's been no word on whether a similar service will ever be offered here in the west but we'll be sure to keep you posted if any announcements are made.