Yesterday, we told you about how some Famitsu magazine scans and a mysterious website appeared to indicate much-loved SNES game Chrono Trigger was getting a remake on DS.

And today publisher Square Enix has officially confirmed the title is on its way and will be released in North America this "holiday season" (that's Christmas on this side of the ocean).

The top-selling RPG (it shipped over 2.5 million copies worldwide when released on the SNES in 1995) is being remastered exclusively for DS. But the core of the game will remain the same, so you can look forward to a complex and gripping story and multiple endings determined on how you play the game. The main differences on DS of course is that it will use dual displays and touchscreen input.

But there is also a brand new dungeon included for the DS release, and a wireless play mode that Square is still to elaborate on.

The game's official site, with intro movie, can be found here.

So with the North America confirmation we're keeping our fingers crossed for a Chrono Trigger European release. And there should be one. After all, Square Enix will be aware there's no doubt a lot of people out there still to experience the greatness of Chrono Trigger. They're going to be in for a massive treat. We'll let you know any news as soon as we hear it.

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