Oxygen Games has announced a release date for the elusive PDC World Championship Darts 2008 on PSP, which was hinted at last year but then didn't actually emerge. The game has already arrived on PS2, PC and Wii. The PSP (and Xbox 360) version, it turns out, will be coming this autumn.

On PSP the game will offer all manner of tournaments and two-player modes. It's also playable via wireless and supports game-sharing, while players are able to import customised photos stored on Memory Stick and assign them to their profile.

There's the option to customise an MP3 playlist, too (although we're not too sure what's suitable background music to playing darts – probably not the Chemical Brothers).

All these features, Oxygen says, will add up to PSP getting the most personalised version of the game yet.

If virtual pointy stick throwing is your bag, you might well want to keep an eye out for this one. We'll have more for you on the game as its autumn release gets closer.