Glu Mobile has announced that it's bringing Hancock, the upcoming Will Smith movie, to mobile.

The publisher will be releasing the official mobile game here in Europe on behalf of Sony Pictures Television International, as part of a wider distribution agreement between the two companies.

Hancock is due out later this month, tying in with the film's release. It shows Glu hasn't been put off movie games, despite the dodgy box-office performance of Speed Racer, which could have harmed the sales of Glu's accompanying mobile game.

Anyway, no game details on Hancock yet, so we'll assume it's a platform game with a bit of driving/flying and the odd puzzle until we hear otherwise.

Glu will also be distributing mobile games based on US game-shows Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy, although it's unclear whether the former will be localised for European countries.

We have our doubts about the sales potential of a retro UK version featuring John Leslie and Jenny Powell, but you never know.