You might already be aware PSP is doing quite well in Japan at the moment. If you're not, then you clearly haven't been following our weekly 'PSP tops Japanese hardware chart' reports over the past few months. Shame on you.

However, an MCV story today puts the console's success in Japan into a whole new context as a result of sales data for the entire month of May.

According to the data, compiled by Weekly Famitsu publisher Enterbrain, the handheld took a 37.3 per cent share of the hardware market during that month, meaning more than a third of all the consoles sold were PSPs. Total sales for the month for Sony's handheld were 270,750 units.

In comparison, DS Lite sold 163,930 throughout May, giving it a 22.6 per cent slice of the hardware market pie.

The fact PSP is doing well in Japan hasn't got us spilling our sake, but those figures put into context just how well. Will it be able to sustain those sales in June? We'll just have to wait and see. Ooh, it's exciting, isn't it?