Fishlabs has made its name creating great-looking 3D mobile games, so it's no surprise that the developer's new Rally Master Pro is a feast for the eyes. Just look at those screenshots.

The game will offer 27 tracks to race around in sun, rain and snow. Surfaces include asphalt, gravel, sand and snow, and Fishlabs is also promising proper physics to give a more realistic drive.

You'll be able to pit your wits against time trial and adrenaline modes, and you even get a co-driver, who tells you where to go both visually and acoustically ("LEFT! LEFT! NO, NOT THAT TREE! AARRRGG...")

Oh, and if you do veer where you shouldn't, there's a full 3D damage model to ensure your car looks suitably battered, with interactive replays letting you see how it happened from various angles (and a repair mini-game to get your car back into shape).

The game is due out in late June. Click 'Track It!' for an alert when we review it.

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