Phoenix Wright fans can breath a sigh of relief right about now because a verdict has finally been reached on whether the excellent final game in the Phoenix trilogy, Trials and Tribulations, will be released in Europe. And it's the right verdict, too, because it's a 'not guilty'. By which we mean it's a 'yes'.

Evidence last month was all pointing at the game possibly not being released here, with the suggestion being that Nintendo wasn't happy with the game's 12+ PEGI rating.

But it seems, from an interview with Ace Attorney producer Ms Matsukawa, published by Nintencast, that the game is very definitely on its way.

When cross examined on whether Trials and Tribulations would be released in our continent, Matsukawa repled:

"Actually, we're in the middle of localising it right now. Currently, the game is in a playable state, and all that is left is to do some final adjustments on the text to bring the quality up to our high standards. We're looking to announce a release date in the near future, and we thank you for waiting for the European release!"

Which sounds like conclusive evidence to us. Now we just need a release date and the case can finally be closed.