Mobile isn't all about casual one-thumb puzzle games, good as they are. Some developers are looking to bring deeper RPG-type games to phones, with some success.

The latest candidate is Furiae, from Swedish developer Resolution Interactive. It's an ambitious RPG adventure, which sees you travelling the world of Furiae battling monsters, completing quests, and even falling in love.

There's some choice about the latter, too. Resolution says there are 14 love interest characters to meet on your travels.

Meanwhile, the game will be episodic, although it's too early to say how many episodes there'll be, and how often they'll be released.

The battling is turn-based, with all manner of spells to fling at your opponents. You'll also be nabbing creatures to boost your battle strength, which should introduce a collecting element to proceedings.

Oh, and there'll be connectivity tied in too, as you'll be able to check on your friends' progress on the web. We're certainly intrigued, and have got our hands on a preview build, so click 'Track It!' for an alert when we give our initial take on Furiae.