CipSoft has announced the spring update for its TibiaME massively multiplayer mobile game, with a raft of new features and content.

Many of the new features revolve around communication, with an in-game forum for players to debate and discuss, friend lists to keep track of when your mates are online, and ignore lists to ensure you're not disturbed by idiots.

There's also a new Letters feature that lets players send each other 200-character messages within the game, which will be delivered even when the other player is offline.

Players can now found guilds, invite other players to join them, and get a bonus when fighting alongside their colleagues.

Oh, and there's a brand new island to explore - St. Nivalis - which besides being an icy winter wonderland also has new monsters and quests.

Get the new client and find out more information at the official TibiaME website.