As you may have heard, a new version of the iPhone is but weeks away now and naturally speculation about what new features the device might include is starting to snowball across the plains of The Internet.

Besides the obvious inclusion of 3G, the touted upgrade that has caught our interest is haptic feedback. Apparently Apple and Immersion have been discussing the inclusion of haptic feedback for future touchscreen devices, which would allow users to get a tactile response from specific points on the touchscreen.

Of course, all we can think about with regard to this is games, games and more games. The fact that it is Immersion's tech that could end up inside the device is significant as Immersion has some serious gaming heritage, having provided the vibration technology for the PS2 and Xbox consoles.

But let's not get carried away quite yet. For a start, seeing as the new iPhone is very likely to already be in production, Apple's dialogue with Immersion is more likely concerning future touchscreen devices as opposed to the imminent iPhone refresh.

Similarly, introducing a feature like this that the existing iPhone doesn't have could make things a bit more complicated for developers who are only just getting used to the iPhone as a gaming platform.

Still, we can always hope we are wrong.