A couple of weeks back a US release date for Final Fantasy IV of July 22nd was announced by Square Enix. And today the publisher has given us Europe dwellers some idea of when we can expect to be playing the game too - summer this year.

Final Fantasy IV is a remake of the Super Nintendo game released some 17 years ago, although it's already been successfully remade once in 2006, for the GBA.

For this DS version though it's been given new 3D visuals in a hand-painted style, touchscreen controls, a dungeon mapping system and brand new plot twists.

There are also new multiplayer options, including one that utilises a new part of the game that has you nurturing your own summon monster and lets you battle your monster against a friend's wirelessly.

A new Event Theatre lets you replay cutscenes you've unlocked too, and these cutscenes are now fully voiced and with high quality 3D characters - so a massive step up from the SNES original.

Above you can see new screenshots of the game (or see here for the full resolution option), which sees you playing the Dark Knight Cecil, who's sent by your King to forcibly take a magical water crystal from a nearby town.

And if this whets your appetite for more Final Fantasy on your DS, at least you know there's not too long to wait before the game will be available here. We'll bring you more information as soon as that release date is a bit more accurate than 'summer'.