And Resident Evil, Pro Evolution Soccer and Spawn: The Eternal. Well, maybe not that last one.

Yes, someone's cooked up a PlayStation emulator for the iPhone. Coder ZodTTD to be specific, who according to Gamer Cool is also working on SNES and GBA emulators for Apple's handset.

They're all revivals of older homebrew projects, apparently. But it's the PlayStation one we're interested in. It's called psx4iphone (seen here running what looks like Driver), and it's just been updated to v0.2.0, which includes support for the latest iPhone firmware.

Games now run at 20-30 frames per second (FPS), and there's a load of new features that only homebrew tech-heads who talk BIOS location and recompiler code will understand.

Naturally, you'll need a hacked iPhone to run it. But if you do, head here for a look.