Last week it was announced that Square Enix (or subsidiary company Taito at least) would be publishing remakes of Space Invaders and Arkanoid for the handhelds.

Space Invaders Extreme is coming to both DS and PSP, complete with new techno tunes, mini-games and various ad-hoc and wireless modes for both consoles.

Arkanoid meanwhile is just coming out on DS and will feature the classic block-busting gameplay with new power-ups and multiplayer modes.

Today, Taito has confirmed a US release date for both of June 17th and also announced that the games will sell at the budget price of $19.99. With a bit of luck, both bits of news could apply to the games' UK releases too - we'd be happy with some budget titles for the summer.

Watch this space, and hopefully Taito will be filling it with rows of cheeky little aliens very shortly.

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