Good news, legal eagles! TV show Law & Order has spawned a new spin-off – but this time it's a mobile game.

It's called Law & Order: Celebrity Betrayal, and it's the work of US publisher LimeLife. The game sees you interrogating witnesses, investigating a crime scene, and then seeing the prosecution through to trial.

Law & Order creator Dick Wolf was apparently involved with the game's storyline, too, which revolves around a celebrity murder. As you may have guessed from the title. (We have a hunch they were betrayed by someone, too).

Characters like Sam Waterston and Alana De La Garza appear, and there's also four mini-games to play that can help you build a stronger case.

The game is out in the US now, although there's no news on a UK release.

Gameloft may have stolen LimeLife's thunder with its recent CSI: Miami game, but we think there's enough Law & Order fans on this side of the Atlantic to make a release worthwhile here too.