Yesterday's widely reported news that Imagination is the Only Escape, a DS game based on the atrocities of the Holocaust, was in development and causing Nintendo concerns has been followed up by a press release issued this morning from publisher Alten8.

The UK based developer and publisher is currently working with Luc Bernard, the designer of Imagination is the Only Escape, on a Nintendo Wii Ware game called Eternity's Child.

The company's statement makes clear that the Holocaust game is just one of five proposed game concepts from Bernard and that no decision has been taken by Alten8 on whether to develop it. "[The game] is currently just concept artwork, which Luc has discussed on his blog, and was later questioned on, by various web sites and journalists," said the publisher.

It also states that no games company outside of Alten8 has been approached to discuss the game's suitability or viability, which makes it sound like the reports Nintendo would be scared of such a game coming to DS are based on assumption rather than fact (despite the quotes attributed to a company spokesperson).

Still, the idea (as we understand it) of such a platform game is still a worthy one and one we hope Alten8 will consider seriously regardless of the inevitable controversy such a game would most likely cause. We'll be following its progress.