It was previously only confirmed for the Land of Fat (that'll be the US if you're in any doubt, although the UK is increasingly contesting that title), but now Ubisoft has revealed its weight loss DS game will be coming to Europe this summer.

The game has been renamed My Health Coach: Weight Management for Europe (it's known as My Weight Loss Coach in the US) but other than that the facts we revealed back when the game first materialised remain correct – including the fact it comes bundled with a pedometer that slots into your DS (pictured above).

While the game gives you a personalised health plan, 10- to 15-minute daily coaching sessions and quizzes designed to teach you how to eat and live a healthier existence, the pedometer will be able to record your physical activity.

As an extra incentive, your efforts and achievements are translated into distance. So if you keep track of how far you've walked for, well a few long months in our case, you'll have travelled a distance equivalent to the Great Wall of China.

The World Health Organisation estimates two-thirds of UK inhabitants are overweight and 25 per cent obese – so that's one big market for this game. We'll find out if Ubisoft is onto something that turns out to be the handheld equivalent of Nintendo's so far very popular Wii Fit when the game and pedometer are released in the summer.