We're still yet to get the latest Phoenix Wright game here in the UK – Trials and Tribulations is due on March 21st. But its successor, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney (recently released in the US), will be with us quite soon after that, according to Nintendo.

The game has now been confirmed for release on May 9th in Europe.

In case you're getting confused about the change of name, Apollo Justice is still part of the same brilliant Capcom series and has all the usual courtroom quips, mad-as-a-hatter characters and prying around crime scenes for clues. It's just that the main character Phoenix Wright has taken early retirement and been replaced by brand new courtroom contender Apollo Justice.

We're big fans of the series, mostly because it's completely brilliant. Of course, if you're big enough devotees you've probably already imported the US version. But if you can wait, and fancy a spot of Apollo Justice on the beach come summer, May's not too long a wait.

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