Last time we went to a baseball match, we actually understood the rules by the end of it. Well, kind of. Oh, alright, we just knew when the appropriate time was to munch cheesy-nachos and then have a stretch.

But still, we were converted. It's just a shame more baseball games don't come out on mobile in the UK because thwacking home runs is just as satisfying as thumping sixes in a cricket game.

Anyway, Gamevil's newie, Baseball Superstars 2008, is only coming out in the US for the moment. It boasts eight teams, four stadia, and a choice of Season, Exhibition and My League modes.

There are definite RPG elements in there, too, with the option to create a pitcher or batter, upgrade your team with new kit and accessories, while training up their skills over the course of a season.

The game is also about more than the match action, with you overseeing your players' autograph sessions, photo shoots and even their love lives. Alex Ferguson would love this much control.

It sounds great. If you're reading, Gamevil, give it a go in Europe too!