Just when it seemed publisher Rockstar had come a step closer to getting its controversial PSP game Manhunt 2 released in the UK, it's suffered another setback.

Last month, the Video Appeals Committee overturned the British Board of Film Classification's decision to ban the game, ruling the game was 'unlikely' to cause harm to adults or children and giving it an 18 certificate.

However, the High Court has now ruled against the VAC with Mr Justice Mitting telling the committee a 'clear error of law' had been made when assessing the game for potential harmful content.

As reported in The Metro, in court the BBFC expressed concern that the VAC decision could have serious implications for its watchdog role 'not only in relation to video games, but generally'.

Mr Justice Mitting said the committee must now reconsider its decision, which means that Rockstar is still unable to release the game in the UK. Manhunt 2 was eventually given an M-rating in the US after Rockstar made some cuts to the content and released there last October, although we didn't think it was really worth all the trouble.

So the saga continues, but the question is is anyone going to care about this game by the time it's eventually released?

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