When it comes to mobile strategy games, the Townsmen series is up there with the best. Not least this is because of the way that as the series as gone on, it's got more and more accessible - without losing the depth that won it a big fanbase in the first place.

So now, get set for Townsmen 5. Although, like its four prequels it's developed by HandyGames, it's now being published by Disney Mobile Studios - which will hopefully see a big marketing push.

What of the game itself though? You'll be playing a nefarious Baron, oppressing villagers and taxing them till their wallets bleed, in order to fuel your megalomaniac plans.

However, you'll simultaneously be battling off a pesky white magician who sends his dragons after you, which is the cue for a series of mini-games - adding a new twist to Townsmen.

Disney promises two game modes, 14 campaigns, and a special never-ending mode, so there should be plenty to keep you occupied. Tweaks have also been made to the user interface, such as a fast-forward option to skip those annoying waits while producing resources, and an auto-save feature.

Townsmen 5 is out this month. Click 'Track It' for an alert when we review it.