Just a few hours ago we brought you the first details of Sony's official headset that's compatible with the PSP's Skype service.

Now, following on from some detective work, we have clarification from Sony that the headset is the same one currently on sale with PSP game SOCOM U.S Navy SEALs. To work with the Skype software (and also Sony's Go!Messenger service), the headset will need to be attached to the circular remote control unit however.

Sony says as PSP-1000 and PSP-2000 (aka Slim & Lite) use different remote controls, it will be making two versions of the headset available. They'll both be released when the Skype service goes live at the end of January, although, as previously explained, Skype will only be compatible with the PSP-2000.

Does this mean Go!Messenger will definitely be compatible with the old PSP-1000 then? As all of today's headset talk is just making our heads hurt, we'll just cross our fingers and say 'Yes' (probably).

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