We're all about games here at Pocket Gamer, so we're not getting too excited about this. Nevertheless, we appreciate some of you may actually use your PSP's multimedia functionality, weird as that concept seems.

Anyway, if you're part of that revolutionary movement, you may like to know you can now get hold of Sony's PSP Media Manager software, which makes it easy to do things like transferring videos, pictures and music to and from your PSP (and more), for free.

Not in the west, though, as you'll still get charged for it. However, Sony Japan has seen sense and made the software available to any of its customers who wish to download it.

Think that rules you out? Think again – once you've worked your way through the (pretty straightforward) installation process, the program actually runs in English so it's perfectly usable. (And if it doesn't and it's not, blame Kotaku, obviously.)

Interested? Get it here, then.