We sincerely hope that Gameloft invites the stars of its branded games to its Christmas party. Imagine: a knees-up with Noel Edmonds, Paris Hilton, Peter Crouch, Jasper Carrott, Kobe Bryant and Mr Chips from Catchphrase. It'd be marvellous!

But hang on a mo – Jasper Carrott isn't in a mobile game. Well, he is now.

Gameloft is releasing Golden Balls, based on the UK TV quiz show which Carrott presents. Just as the publisher did for Deal or No Deal and Catchphrase, it's made sure the host appears in the game.

So, the mobile version uses all the official rules of the TV show, with three different rounds and all the bluffing that fans of the quiz will recognise.

It also has the interaction between players, with Carrott popping up with his trademark witticisms.

What next for Gameloft, though? There can't be many more British TV quiz shows going spare, unless the publisher really scrapes the bottom of the barrel and gets that Saturday night one where DIY bloke Nick Knowles wears a stupidly fat tie and tries to look stern. And nobody wants that.