We're used to hearing crazy concepts for new games, and love doing so in fact because the alternative choice would be a load of generic shooters and driving games.

But Draglade has really hit the mother lode with its story element, which is pretty convoluted when you consider this is basically a rhythm fighting game.

Apparently, scientists discover how to turn atmospheric matter into energy, then harness this energy to power a weapon called a 'Glade'. It doesn't take them long to discover that when the Glade hits something, it emits a sound and this throwing of Glades subsequently becomes a sport where fighters and entertainers compete to reach the ranks of the Major Grappers. It certainly sounds bizarre as a premise but its mix of fighting and music is quite intriguing.

Draglade publisher Atlus has just unveiled the first screenshots of the game in a action, which currently only has a release date in the US. The images show a game which looks a bit like a Dragon Ball title (unsurprising, as developer Dimps is responsible for the Dragon Ball series) but with notes scrolling the bottom of the screen, while the touchscreen looks as though it's tapped in time to the music.

You can play as one of four young indie Grappers in the game – Hibito, Guy, Kyle and Daichi – each with unique and customisable techniques, weapons and fighting styles.

These skills can be traded with a friend via wi-fi and Draglade will also support local and online multiplayer, enabling you to compete head-to-head or take part in co-operative quests.

We're more than happy to welcome another rhythm game to DS, provided it's a good one, of course. Time will obviously tell. We'll keep you updated the moment we hear anything relating to a European release.