Here's some great news if you've got a hacked iPhone: someone's converted ScummVM to work on it. What's that, you say? Only the engine behind some of the best graphic adventures ever made.

We're talking Day of the Tentacle. The Secret of Monkey Island. And, oh yes, Sam & Max Hit the Road. They're all legends, as much for their genuinely funny humour as for their slick point-and-click interfaces.

ScummVM is the emulator that enables you to play them, and it's been converted to work on the iPhone. According to Gizmodo, it even supports multi-touch, making it possible to mimic left and right mouse clicks using your fingers, as well as dragging objects around the screen.

If we'd been brave enough to hack our iPhone, we'd be downloading it now. As it is, we wonder if Apple will seek out whichever publisher holds the rights to these games, and commission official iPhone versions when the company starts selling games on its iTunes Store.

If you're less scaredy cat about messing with your iPhone than us, head here to find out how to get ScummVM for the handset.