Fresh from turning Noel Edmonds into the poster boy for mobile games (kind of) with Deal or No Deal, Gameloft is at it again.

This time, it's aiming to turn vintage UK quiz show Catchphrase into a mobile hit. And yes, that does include host Roy Walker, and show mascot Mr Chips (if you don't remember, he was a cross between a cuddly robot and the Big Yellow Teapot).

The game follows the format of the show, so you'll be looking at animations and trying to guess what catchphrase they represent. There's over 300 to guess, along with show staples the Ready Money Round, the Bonus Catchphrase, and Super Catchphrase.

Oh, and there's a separate Catchphrase Attack mode to play, too. Will it be as big as Deal or No Deal? Probably not, given the superbly jammy timing of that game's release at the peak of the show's popularity.

But we're looking forward to seeing how Roy and Mr Chips fare on handsets all the same. The game's out imminently.