Now, this is unlikely to come as a shock given that we've recently reported the fact the developer was working on more mobile (and DS) games, so we won't ask you to sit down.

Nevertheless, id Software has officially announced its new division, id Mobile. The outfit is set to work on Wolfenstein, Quake and a Doom RPG sequel.

"We are operating on the assumption that mobile gaming has a potential for huge growth," id co-founder John Carmack said, reports USA Today. "It's at a tipping point. Everybody has a phone, and almost every phone is powerful enough to do good games on it."

Of course, id is no stranger to mobile titles, having already developed the aforementioned Doom RPG, as well as Orcs & Elves, for phones with Fountainhead Entertainment, headed by Katherine Anna Kang, Carmack's wife, who also becomes id Mobile's president.