What is it with Chinese personal media players (PMPs) and retro games emulators? Apart from them seemingly not worrying too much about pesky legal restrictions, of course.

Shenzhen Holide is the latest Chinese firm to make a PMP capable of playing all manner of vintage games. In this case these include titles from NES, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Mega Drive, SNES, Neo Geo and a host of other formats.

The immediate point we'd make looking at the photo of the device is we're not sure how suitable the buttons are for gaming. But anyway, the device has a three-inch screen and is more than capable of handling any music, video, photos and even e-books you throw at it.

Alas, we're 99.8 per cent sure it will never come out here in the UK. So if you're popping to Hong Kong on a business trip soon, pick one up for us, will you?