If you're a regular visitor to these pages you'll already know quite a bit about Urban Attack, Vivendi Mobile's ambitious action-packed 3D game.

You probably read the initial teasing news, checked out our exclusive developer interview and then savoured the Gold award-securing review itself. Heck, you might even have seen the teaser trailer, played the game and bought the t-shirt.

What you definitely won't have witnessed, however, is how the game was actually put together. Unless of course you were one of the (admittedly large) production team on the 18-month project. (In which case we'd ask you why you're reading this when you should clearly be working on the sequel.)

If you weren't, not to worry – we're going to put that right. Yep, we're blowing open the doors of Vivendi's Parisian parlour and allowing you to see precisely what goes on in the murky world of mobile game development. Okay, enough theatrics. Specifically, you get to see how on Earth Urban Attack was put together, which should make fascinating viewing.

This first of five episodes, then, explains how it all got started and where the twisted geniuses gained their inspiration:

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(Caution: Dubbing in progress.)