Conspiracy theorists can rest easy. And doom mongers needn't bother.

The explanation why The Complete Saga edition of Lego Star Wars is coming to DS (and home consoles) but not PSP has nothing to do with Nintendo forming the kind of alliance with publisher Activision that Palpatine himself would approve of.

Nor is it the suggestion that game publishers around the world are abandoning Sony's format at a rate only bettered by the number of Wookiee casualties during the Battle of Kashyyyk.

No, the reason comes down to something far more straightforward: the age-old combination of time and money.

"We really love Lego Star Wars II on PSP," said developer Traveller's Tales head of production Jonathan Smith when we asked him for an explanation, "but we simply have limited available resources, and couldn't fit a PSP version of Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga into our plans."

You can read the rest of our chat with Jonathan Smith about The Complete Saga here.