Koch Media's PR department certainly deserve a pat on the head from their bosses for the publicity the relatively ordinary DS game, World Snooker Championship Season 2007-08.

First, they somehow persuaded snooker legend Steve Davies to don Nicole Kidman's clothes and a blonde wig for the game's TV advert. And now they've 'dug up' a London pub that's created a 'virtual snooker hall' around Koch's game, which was released in shops last week.

"It's a shame that these days there's very few pubs with snooker tables. Most London pubs couldn't fit a snooker table inside even if they wanted to." said Gordon McIntyre, landlord of the The Metropolitan (60 Great Western Road, W11, if you're in the area). "I played World Snooker Championship and thought this would be the ideal way to bring snooker back to pubs. And using the DS wand as a snooker cue makes it the next best thing!"

Hmm, wouldn't a pool table be the next best thing? Well, anyway, drinkers at The Metropolitan will be able to hire a DS and copy of World Snooker Championship from behind the bar ("'Ere love, give us a pint, some pork scratchings and one of them DS things to play on, would you?") for a game from November 8th onwards.

All this reminds us we'll have our review of the game for you this Friday so check back then for our verdict on whether the pub really should have opted for a virtual – if less traditional – golf hall courtesy of Tiger Wood's instead.

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