It's been an operation spanning three weeks and literally over a dozen minutes of gameplay footage but with this multiplayer-focused release, the Panzer Tactics DS video invasion is now over.

Still, we're happy to welcome back project manager Johanna Schober to the microphone as she explains how the game's three multiplayer modes – two player hotseat, four player LAN, and four player Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection – will pan out.

The system seems relatively straightforward, providing the ability to tweak the amount of time each player gets to make a turn, as well as the victory conditions. These can either be total annihilation of the enemy, or capturing all their bases or all cities.

You also automatically add Friend Codes when playing with people in the LAN mode, although manual entry is an option as well, as you can see below:

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And yes, Johanna, we will have fun crushing our enemies. Don't forget to check out the previous Producer in a Box videos, though. They cover game basics, core and auxiliary units, and use of commandos and officers. There's still no official release date for Panzer Tactics DS but we'd expect to see it sometime in November.

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