Don't worry, we're not going to give it away. But Gameloft has let slip that Heroes: The Official Mobile Game has a bit of a plot spoiler for the TV show's second series hidden in it.

To be specific, the spoiler is lurking in a hidden room, and apparently "sheds light on a long-standing show mystery" (our guess: it explains why none of them are wearing spandex costumes).

However, the game can be completed without finding the room, so fans need to be eagle-eyed while playing.

"We are always looking for organic ways to extend the Heroes story in the transmedia landscape," says Tim Kring, creator and executive producer of the show. "The Gameloft project afforded us a perfect opportunity to begin revealing an important Season Two story point before it actually hits the television screen."

(If you're wondering, 'transmedia' means the crossover between different media, such as TV and mobile games. You'll probably hear the word a lot more in the coming months, as it sounds clever and zeitgeisty.)

Anyway, if you've already played Heroes: The Official Mobile Game and didn't find the room, this is an extra incentive to replay the game. And if you've not tried it yet, check our review out for the reasons why you should.