We've had screenshots of this game for a while, but little information to go along with them. Top Gear: Downforce is in development by Australia-based developer Tantalus, a name that will be familiar if you like horses because its most recent game for DS was the Eidos published Pony Friends.

Top Gear: Downforce, then, is a 3D racing game viewed top-down – which, after spending way too many hours on multi-player bouts of Micro Machines V4, we're happy to confirm can be a very satisfying viewpoint from which to race cars.

To be clear, the 'Top Gear' bit of the title has little to do with the BBC programme – so, thankfully, there's no sign of Jeremy Clarkson's smug face – and relates to a licence that dates back to the 1990s.

The game's looking promising, with 30 vehicle options, shortcuts on each course and, most importantly, collectible hazards that can be dropped on the track to mess up the races of other drivers. There's also the crucial multiplayer races, playable via wireless.

There's currently no precise release date for Top Gear: Downforce, but it's scheduled to appear during November. In the meantime, we do have a video. Alas, it doesn't show off any gameplay – this is pre-rendered all the way – but it does offer a hint of the style of racing we can expect.

So if you've been waiting for a game that offers, say, collapsing cliffs and loosely installed telegraph poles, this could be the one for you. Check it out below:

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