Once upon a time, UK developer Morpheme released a game called Jeremiah Manford's Athletics, with the cheeky twist being that Jeremiah was an entirely fictional athlete – something that not every journalist spotted.

We mention it, because we live in fear that someone will try a similar trick with mobile poker games, and we won't spot it. Frankly, we don't know many professional poker players, and Gus Hansen is no exception.

Still, he's the star of Gameloft's new Million Dollar Poker game, so he must be famous (and Wikipedia says he is, too, although that's never a cast-iron guarantee).

Gameloft reckons Hansen has helped them create the most challenging mobile poker game yet, including an array of opponents messing with your head through their slow play, semi-bluffing and check raise strategies.

The game promises three modes: Exhibition, Career and Face-to-Face, and looks to have all the glitzy presentation you'd expect from Gameloft.

Can it cut through the ranks of rival titles, all with their own pro player endorsements though? Click 'Track It!' to find out.