Promotion videos can be eye-catching, and very occasionally funny, but most of the time they're just functional.

What's surprising about the current 'Producer in a Box' series for Panzer Tactics DS, however, is that they're also informative. Really, they're more like tutorials than anything else.

The second to be released covers the basics of the in-game units; notably, the difference between core units, which act in a role-playing manner, gaining experience and being persistent between levels, and the more ephemeral auxiliary units. Other elements of interest include the core units' special attacks that can be employed once per level.

Check it out below:

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Indeed, the only thing we're disappointed about is the change of voice actor, with a new Hollywood-style gentleman who emphasises every other word as well as adding… odd… pauses, having taken over from project manager Johanna Schober, who voiced the first video.

The next video will cover special units – commandos and officers.
Panzer Tactics DS is due to be released sometime this winter.

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